Best Open Back Headphones: Top Picks for Audiophiles

Open-back headphones, also known as open headphones, are well-loved in the audio world. They are popular for offering a sound that feels spacious and airy. This design lets sounds flow, giving details more room to shine.

Unlike closed-back headphones, open-back ones let the sound out into the world. The driver is not closed off in a tight space. Instead, it can move freely, which makes the sound feel natural and wide.

Open-back headphones are perfect for music like Rock, Jazz, and Classical. They make the experience feel immersive and true to life. Last year, I tested 50 headphones to find the best ones for 2024. I focused on sound quality, design, and value.

Key Takeaways

  • Open-back headphones offer a spacious and airy sound with excellent detail and separation.
  • The open-back design allows the driver to move freely, creating a natural and immersive soundstage.
  • Open-back headphones are ideal for genres like Rock, Jazz, and Classical, providing a more natural listening experience.
  • Over the past year, around 50 open-back headphones were tested to find the best options for 2024.
  • The list focuses on sound quality, design, and value for audiophiles.

What Are Open Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones are designed with their drivers uncovered. This lets sound flow freely in all directions. It creates a more natural sound with a wider feel.

Breathable Design

The special design lets air move around the drivers. This makes the sound natural and open. Listening becomes more captivating and real.

Natural Sound Stage

With an open-back design, the soundstage is wider. It feels like speakers all around you. This enhances the overall listening experience.

Ideal for Private Listening

These headphones are great for listening in private. Their open design isolates sound well. They also limit sound escape, keeping your audio private.

Why Choose Open Back Headphones for Audiophiles?

Open-back headphones offer a wider sound area that feels real and spacious. This design is perfect for lovers of great sound. They give top-notch quality with clear, detailed sound across all frequencies.

Immersive Soundscape

With open-back headphones, sound mingles with the world around you. This makes it sound more open and true to life. You’ll feel like you’re right there at the heart of the music.

Premium Sound Quality

These headphones are all about top-quality sound. They capture every sound accurately and with detail. Audiophiles love the pure and clear sound they get, which brings out all the subtle audio details.

Reference-Grade Audio

The best open-back headphones are made for ultimate sound accuracy. They’re ideal for professional use and for anyone who wants to hear music in its purest form. Top artists and engineers rely on them for precise sound reproduction.

Best Overall Open Back Headphones

After lots of testing and reviews, the Focal Utopia stands out as the best open-back headphones. It’s well-known for its amazing sound. These headphones let you hear every detail with clarity and offer a soundstage that feels real.

The materials used in these headphones are top-notch. They include a beryllium cone driver, soft leather, and strong carbon fiber. All of this leads to outstanding quality and sound. Audiophiles love these headphones because they mimic the experience of listening to high-quality speakers.

Focal Utopia: Unrivaled Sonic Excellence

The Focal Utopia is the best open-back headphone by a known French brand. It’s known for making top-notch speakers. These headphones use a 40mm beryllium cone driver for detailed and powerful sound.

Beryllium Cone Drivers

The Utopia’s beryllium cone driver is crucial for its amazing sound. Beryllium makes sound more real across frequencies. This gives a truly lifelike listening experience.

Luxury Materials

Focal Utopia shows off luxury with its design. It uses premium materials like full-grain leather and carbon fiber. Even the 3-meter cable is of high quality, adding to the luxury vibe.

Exceptional Sound Quality

The sound on the Focal Utopia is in a league of its own. It creates a broad and detailed sound. It’s loved by those who really care about sound quality.

best open back headphones for Audiophiles

Audeze LCD-5 stands out in the open-back headphone world with its planar magnetic design. This design is a favorite among many audiophiles.

Planar Magnetic Drivers

These headphones have planar magnetic drivers. They’re different from the usual dynamic drivers. They make the sound faster, dynamic, and technically better.

Refined Technical Performance

The Audeze LCD-5 shines in its midrange sound. It’s known for bringing out every detail clearly. Audiophiles love it for this reason.

Premium Build Quality

Audeze doesn’t just focus on sound. They also care deeply about the headphone’s build. They use top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship. This creates a headphone experience that feels luxurious.

Grado SR80x: The Iconic Value Pick

The Grado SR80x is an open-back headphone that opens the door to high-quality sound. Grado is known for making top-notch headphones. The SR80x keeps up their legacy by offering rich, detailed sound.

Engaging Midrange

These headphones excel at bringing out the clear, high sounds. This makes rock, folk, and acoustic music sound lively. Their midrange is also amazing, pulling you into the music.

Crisp Treble

The SR80x shines in the trebles. It lets you hear all the little parts of your songs clearly. The mix of highs and lows in its sound makes it great for any music style.

Affordable Audiophile Entry

Even though they’re not super expensive, the SR80x gives you a rich sound experience. This makes them a great start for anyone new to serious sound gear. They’re the go-to headphones for many just starting with high-end audio.

HiFiMan Edition XS: Upper Mid-Range Planar

The HiFiMan Edition XS is a top choice in its price range. It combines great sound with good value. With balanced sound, it’s perfect for all types of music.

Balanced Tuning

The Edition XS from HiFiMan has a great, natural sound. It’s for anyone who loves music. It brings out the best in every genre.

Wide Soundstage

This headphone has a wide soundstage. It makes you feel like you’re at a live concert. Its design really pulls you into your music.

The HiFiMan Edition XS is not as fancy as the Audeze LCD-5. But, it gives fantastic sound for its price. It’s a top pick for anyone looking for quality on a budget.

Philips Fidelio X2HR: Lower Mid-Range Dynamo

The Philips Fidelio X2HR is a top choice in the affordable range, making it a wise investment. These headphones have a rich bass that doesn’t drown out other sounds. Their sound is well-balanced across the board.

Warm Bass Response

They deliver warm, deep bass perfect for music styles such as rock, electronic, and hip-hop. This bass doesn’t steal the spotlight from the mid and high ranges. It maintains a balanced sound profile throughout.

Durable Build Quality

The X2HR’s strength comes from a blend of metal parts, which give them a sturdy and high-end feel. They are built to last against daily use, proving reliable over time.

Comfortable Fit

Moreover, these headphones are designed for all-day comfort. They fit well without needing frequent adjustments, ideal for anyone who loves lengthy listening sessions. This feature caters to audiophiles seeking comfort while enjoying their music.

Superlux HD 681: Budget-Friendly Semi-Open

The Superlux HD 681 is great for music lovers not wanting to spend a lot. It’s a semi-open-back choice that sounds amazing for the price. They have a neutral sound, meaning the music sounds true to how it was made.

Neutral Sound Profile

This headphone got an 8.3 for its balanced sound. It makes everything you listen to clear and natural. Even though it’s not fully open, you still get good bass. This is perfect for different music types.

Decent Bass Extension

Despite being affordable, the Superlux HD 681 is well built. It’s comfortable too, surprising for its price. In a cool black style, it’s an excellent choice for those starting with high-quality headphones.

Sennheiser PC38X: Gaming With a Mic

Great Microphone Quality

The Sennheiser PC38X is perfect for anyone who loves games and music. It’s an open-back headset with top-notch sound and a high-grade mic. This headset has a clear microphone for natural-sounding conversations. It’s ideal for playing with others online or making content.

Immersive Gaming Audio

The PC38X goes beyond just a great mic. It provides a wide, immersive sound for gaming. This comes from its open-back style and detailed audio. Although not only for audiophiles, it offers premium sound and clear voice capture for gamers. It’s a top choice for those who want the most from their gaming audio.


Open-back headphones give audiophiles a special way to listen, making sound seem natural, wide, and real. The best open-back headphones, like the Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD-5, and Grado SR80x, show top-notch quality and design. They are highly valued by those seeking the best.

If you want top sound quality or a starting point in the open-back headphones world, this guide helps. It lists the best headphones for audiophiles in 2024. Covering items like the Beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO X and HiFiMan Sundara, they fit different budgets and needs.

Choosing the right open-back headphones depends on what you like, your budget, and how you use them. The HiFiMan Sundara stands out for its clear sound and comfort. It beats headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM5, which cost more but have extras like Bluetooth and canceling noise. This article’s headphones offer many choices for those who love great sound.


What are open-back headphones?

Open-back headphones let sound escape. They’re not sealed like closed-back headphones. This lets the sound feel more natural and open. You get a wider sound space.

How do open-back headphones differ from closed-back headphones?

Open-back headphones are not sealed. The sound can travel freely. This boosts the sound’s natural feel and creates a big sound environment around you.

What are the benefits of using open-back headphones for audiophiles?

Audiophiles love open-back headphones. They bring a rich, natural sound with a wide stage. This makes music feel more alive, like you’re at a live concert.

Which open-back headphones are considered the best for audiophiles?

For audiophiles, top choices are the Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD-5, and others. They’re known for their amazing sound and quality design. These models are worth their price.

Why is the Focal Utopia considered the best overall open-back headphone for audiophiles?

Audiophiles rate the Focal Utopia very highly. It has top-notch sound and build quality. Its materials, including beryllium and luxury leather, make it stand out.

What are the advantages of planar magnetic open-back headphones for audiophiles?

Planar magnetic headphones like the Audeze LCD-5 are special. They offer clear, detailed sound. Their tech stands out against other headphones.

Why are the Grado SR80x considered a gateway into the world of audiophile-grade open-back headphones?

The Grado SR80x is a key start into high-grade audio. Though affordable, it delivers crisp sound. It’s a great pick for those new to quality audio.

What makes the HiFiMan Edition XS a compelling option for audiophiles on a tighter budget?

The HiFiMan Edition XS is great for its price. It falls in the mid-range but offers top sound. It gives a rich listening experience without the big cost.

What are the key features of the Philips Fidelio X2HR that make it a great open-back option for audiophiles?

The Philips Fidelio X2HR is a good buy for its quality. It has strong bass and is well built. It’s also comfy to wear for long periods.

How does the Superlux HD 681 provide a compelling entry point into the world of open-back audiophile headphones?

The Superlux HD 681 is affordable but not cheaply made. It has a balanced sound and good bass. It’s a solid choice for those who are starting out.

What makes the Sennheiser PC38X a versatile option for audiophile gamers?

The Sennheiser PC38X is great for both gaming and music. It offers top sound and a quality mic. For games and content creation, it’s a versatile pick.

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