Best Monster Headphones Review – Top Models Evaluated

Monster is known for making top-notch headphones and earbuds for over a decade. In this review, we will look at the best Monster headphone models. We’ll check their audio qualitynoise cancellationdesign and comfortbattery life, and connectivity options. This article’s goal is to help you choose wisely by comparing Monster headphones with other top brands.

Key Takeaways

  • Monster headphones deliver a well-balancedbass-forward sound signature suitable for a wide range of music genres.
  • The headphones provide effective passive noise isolation, blocking out ambient sounds effectively.
  • Monster headphones feature a sleek and durable design with customizable fit options for optimal comfort.
  • Battery life and wireless connectivity are adequate, though not industry-leading compared to some newer models.
  • Monster headphones offer excellent value, providing high-quality audio performance and features at a reasonable price point.

Introduction to Monster Headphones

Monster is a top audio brand that’s crafted monster headphones, earbuds, and more for over 40 years. They’re famous for their innovative audio technology that delivers top-notch sound. These monster headphones aim to make your music sound amazing, no matter your favorite tunes.

Being a key player in headphones, Monster has earned its place with quality and innovation. They focus on making audio technology that fits anyone’s music style. Their lineup covers what true music fans and easy listeners want.

This intro gives a peek into the Monster world, its journey, and what makes monster headphones special. They’re packed with advanced sound tech and tough designs, appealing to premium sound lovers.

ModelPriceSound SignatureDesign
Monster Beats Pro by Dr. DreCheck AmazonBass-heavy with clear lows and impactful soundOn-ear design with a strong clamping force
Refurbished Monster Beats ProCheck AmazonBass-heavy with clear lows and impactful soundOn-ear design with a strong clamping force

Monster Headphones Review

Sound Quality

Many consider the sound quality of Monster headphones as crucial. Reviews suggest they offer a mix of neutral and fun sounds. Their powerful bass suits music like EDM and hip-hop well, sometimes spilling into the midrange. However, the midrange itself is clear, making vocals standout even though some female voices might sound too sharp.

Bass Performance

One of Monster headphones’ best features is its bass. It’s strong and deep, perfect for fans of EDM and hip-hop. But don’t worry, this bass isn’t overwhelming. It’s controlled and adds to an enjoyable listening experience.

Midrange and Vocals

The midrange in Monster headphones is noted for its clarity, letting vocals and instruments shine. While most find it impressive, a few users think female voices might come off a little harsh at times.

Treble and Clarity

Monster headphones shine in the treble too, offering crisp, detailed highs. But they manage to do so without being sharp or tiring. This balance adds to the headphones’ overall appeal, making them great for any music genre.

Overall, Monster headphones impress with a well-rounded sound. The powerful bass, clear midrange, and crisp treble together provide an immersive, adaptable audio experience.

Design and Build Quality

Monster headphones have a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. They feature clean lines and look sophisticated. You’ll notice the L and R markings on the earpieces. These help ensure you wear them correctly.

The build quality of Monster headphones is top-notch. They’re known for their durable construction, lasting through frequent use. Made with high-quality materials, they feel strong in your hands. This means they’re great for everyday wear, balancing style with function. Monster headphones are a good choice for anyone, whether you’re using them at work or at home.

Comfort and Fit

When picking headphones, comfort and fit are key. Monster headphones usually do well here. They come with different ear tip options to help you get both a snug and comfy fit for your ears. The stability fins also stop the earpieces from slipping out, even during exercise or when moving your head a lot.

Still, the deep fit might not feel right for everyone. And some folks could find that the earpieces hurt if worn for a long time. However, most people should find that Monster headphones fit well and feel good. There are many tip options to adjust the fit just right for you.

Ear-tip Options

There’s a big choice of ear tip accessories with Monster headphones. You’ll find tri-flange silicone tips, single-flange tips, Supertips with gel, and foam. This range means you can pick the best fit for your ears, guaranteeing listening comfort for everyone. Also, there’s a handy eartip holder to keep things organized and easy to switch.

Stability Fins

Aside from ear tips, Monster headphones have stability fins to keep earpieces secure. These fins make sure the headphones stay in, even when you’re active or moving fast. So, if you run, work out, or love outdoor activities, these headphones are a great fit.

Noise Isolation and Passive Noise Cancellation

Monster headphones are great at stopping outside noises. They do this with a closed-back design and a tight fit in the ear. This stops external sounds from getting in. Even though they don’t have active noise cancellation, they are still good at cutting out low-frequency sounds. For example, they can reduce the noise of engines on a bus or plane. So, users can enjoy their music without a lot of outside noise.

If you’re in a noisy place, the Monster headphones can help. Their design and fit make a seal that keeps outside sounds away. This lets you focus on your music or audio. Although they don’t have advanced active noise cancellation, they are still very effective. They can cut out sounds like the hum of a bus or plane well. This makes them a useful choice for many situations.

Battery Life and Wireless Connectivity

For wireless headphones, it’s important how long the battery lasts and if they stay connected well. Monster headphones have a good battery life, with some offering up to 7 hours of playing time on one charge. The special charging case can also give extra charges, increasing their life even more.

They work using Bluetooth for a strong connection, but the range might not be as broad as some. This means Monster headphones do well for most people, though they’re not the very best compared to some other models.

Battery Performance

Monster headphones can play music for up to 7 hours straight. This is enough for most people during their day. Plus, a special case lets you charge them more on the go.

Bluetooth Range and Stability

With Bluetooth, the connection is steady and reliable. You can walk around without losing sound. However, the range isn’t as wide as some competitors. So, you might need to stay close to your device for a strong connection.

monster headphones review

Many people love Monster headphones for their great mix of clear sound and strong bass. This combination works well for all kinds of music, especially EDM and hip-hop. They offer excellent bass that is perfect for these music styles. Yet, sometimes the bass can be a bit too much in the midrange.

Balanced or Bass-Heavy Sound Signature

What’s also great about these headphones is their ability to block out outside noise. They do this with their design that sits snugly in your ear and is closed at the back. So, you can listen to your favorite songs even in loud places without too much interruption.

Noise Isolation Capabilities

Monster headphones strike a good deal between price and what you get. They offer top-notch sound quality and features at a fair price. This is awesome news for anyone looking for quality headphones at an affordable cost.

Value for Money

In summary, Monster headphones are a great buy. They come with a balanced sound, strong noise isolation, and a wallet-friendly price. For anyone searching in the crowded headphone market, these are worth considering.

Comparison to Other Headphone Brands

When you look at Monster headphones compared to other top brands, there’s a lot to think about. Beast is known for a deep bass. But, Monster headphones have a more even sound. This makes them better for all types of music. They’re not too heavy on the bass.

When it comes to turning off outside noise, Monster is better than Bose. Bose rocks at cutting out noise from outside. But, Monsters do this by fitting tightly in your ears. They’re also closed at the back. This means they keep sounds out very well.

Monster vs. Beats

Monster and Beats are different in how they sound. Beats are famous for their booming bass. But, MH have a sound that’s more even. They suit many music styles. MH are great for anyone who wants a balanced sound.

Monster vs. Bose

Monster and Bose have noise isolation as their difference. Bose headphones are great at cutting off outside sound. But, MH do this with their fit and closed back. They’re perfect for blocking out noise and diving into your music.

Monster vs. Sony

Monster stands out against Sony with bigger bass. They give a harder kick in the low end. Sony, however, focuses on a clear, natural sound. The choice between them depends on what sound style you like. This is what makes Monster and Sony different.

Each brand, Monster, Beats, Bose, and Sony, has its own strengths. The best choice depends on what you value most. This includes sound, how well they cut out noise, and what they offer for the price. Monster, with its great mix of features, is a strong choice in the big headphone world.


Monster headphones shine for those who love high-quality sound, cool design, and value. They give solid sound for all music types. You get thumping bass, clear mid sounds, and sharp treble notes. The headphones are strong and comfy, but the fit might not be perfect for everyone.

Monster headphones block outside noise well, perfect for loud places. They have okay battery life and connect wirelessly fine. Still, they might not be the top pick when compared to the latest wireless headphones. Even so, Monster headphones stand out in a busy market thanks to their great mix of features and sound.

Finally, the Monster headphones review conclusion is this: they offer great sound, lasting build, and they’re priced well. No matter if you listen just for fun or you’re a big fan of music, Monster headphones are a good choice in the earphone world.


What is the sound quality of MH?

MH blend a neutral sound with powerful bass. This mix is great for listening to a large variety of music, from EDM to hip-hop. They provide rich bass, but sometimes it can be too much for the midrange. Yet, you get clear midrange tones and crisp high notes too.

How is the design and build quality of MH?

MH look sleek and modern. They are built tough, making them last through everyday use. This durability comes from using top-notch materials, ensuring their longevity.

How comfortable are MH?

They score high on comfort. With many ear tip options, you can find a perfect fit. The earpieces stay put, even during sports or moving a lot. But, some might not like the deep fit for long listening sessions.

What are the noise isolation capabilities of MH?

When it comes to blocking out the world, MH do a good job. Their snug fit and closed-back design make a barrier. Though not active noise canceling, they muffle sounds like bus engines quite well.

How is the battery life and wireless connectivity of MH?

On a single charge, some Monster models can play for up to 7 hours. They come with a rotating charging case for on-the-go recharges. For connections, Bluetooth keeps them linked to your device, but some models might not offer the widest range.

How do MH compare to other leading brands?

Compared to Beats, MH have a more even sound, fitting for all music types. Monster excels in noise isolation against Bose, but lacks their active noise canceling. When it’s Sony versus Monster, Sony offers balance where Monster tunes to a deeper bass.

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